Ocean and Earth 

Take a trip through a multi-day interactive album. Experience music in a new way.

Opens in Facebook Messenger. You will be sent a message once per day for the next 8 days with a link to a new free song, videos and bonus content. Opt out at anytime. 

  • These songs are created with REAL rock n roll spirit, no contrived radio agenda
  • Interact directly with an artist who appreciates your open mindedness

What You'll Get

  • 8 days of pure rock
  • 2 Part Album - Part I (Ocean) and Part II (Earth) 
  • 8 tracks total PLUS bonus tracks, video content and stories behind the songs   
  • Download or stream on your favorite platform
  • Tracks mixed by Dream Theater and Rush producer Rich Chycki - hint: play loud ​​​
  • Links to songs, video, streaming and download options delivered directly to your inbox
  • Access to exclusive offers

What rock reviewers are saying

Ocean and Earth is one of the better instrumental releases in recent memory

These eight melodic tracks were created by a guitarist who is obviously concerned more with melody and composition than with playing “fast” or “flashy”. These are “truly” songs, not collections of riffs and fills built around solos. Miller does not need to blind his listeners with raw speed – but proves he can when it suits the song.

JOE MIS //  Senior Editor, Hard Rock Haven

There’s a booming guitar sound coming from Sydney, Australia right now

If you consider yourself a fan of music made by virtuoso style performers, you’ll want to check this one out.

MIKE STAHL //  The Circle Pit

What rock fans are saying

I signed up to receive the songs over 8 days which I thought was a genius way to promote a new album! Each day I looked forward to hearing the next tune. It worked out to where I would receive the next song right about the time I was commuting into work. So for a week straight I’d rock out with Nicks new stuff to start my day.

Michael Clauson

Rock guitarist San Francisco USA

I’ve been listening to rock music for 30 years now.... my tastes range from Maiden to Machine Head and everything in between.....if one good thing to ever come from social media is hearing that insane riff you had playing on Facebook! I signed up for the free song every day over 8 days. I really enjoyed the stories that came along with the songs and how you got your inspiration for each track. 

Paul Kent

Rock fan Lancashire UK

I’ve been a fan of rock music my whole life. Always in search of new tunes, I came across this “Nick Miller” dude on Facebook, shredding on a guitar. I listened, I liked it, so I followed his link and signed up to hear more via email. Not only did I receive new songs BUT, it was interactive! You can tell Nick has put his heart into his music and loves what he is doing, you can hear it. Each song makes me imagine something different. If you have a love for music from a musician that plays for the love of what he is doing, the way Nick presents this and interacts is beyond what any other artist has done.

Rod McDonald

Rock fan Willington ND USA

Having been a massive rock fan since my teenage years, and also a very basic guitar player, I was drawn to giving the week long Ocean and earth experience a chance after discovering it through Nick’s Facebook ad . I found myself looking forward to the days new track, wondering what style the next track would be! Some of my favourite players (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Gilmour, Joe Bonamassa and Jeff Beck) all have their own recognisable style; I feel that Nick is one of those players that has his own, unique style, and will become another longtime favourite. Looking forward to what’s next

Simon Broomhead

Rock fan LIverpool UK

Music is more than a product.

It's an expression of what can't be put into words. 

THANK YOU for taking the time to listen. 

Opens in Facebook Messenger. You will be sent a message once per day for the next 8 days with a link to a new free song, videos and bonus content. Opt out at anytime. 

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